Lucile has joined our staff.  She joined us November 23, 2008.  She is nearly all black with a couple of little white spots, and full of energy.  She has really adapted to her new home.  We all think she's the best store cat ever.  We had two wonderful ones before Lucile so she has to live up to her predecessors.  She has several nappings spots, right now it's in a woooden bowl on the round table at the front of the store.  You'll want to stop in and get acquainted with the new girl. 

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Lucile in a just arrived Navajo Mesa Verde pot.  She's got to inspect all the new inventory.


Missie passed away November 13, 2008.

November, 2002 we moved the Trading Post to the new larger location, we added a new greeter-Missie. We’ve had Missy in the Trading Post family for four years. She started working at the old Desert Sun Gallery and continued on when we changed that shop into Spirit Quest.

Missie came to us through a local rescue group that has saved hundreds of wonderful kittens and cats from the wilds and the “shelters”. We asked them for a great store cat like we had in Priscilla. It just happened that the one they selected was all black like Priscilla, but with long fur. She was named Miss Thing but we shortened it to just plain ole Missy.

Missie came as a kitten full of fun and craziness. She soon found her calling as a store cat. Usually, you can find her near the front door as the official greeter. She loves attention and will follow many customers through the store. She likes to lay on the jewelry counters, on the stand with the big kachina, and of course in the front window. She did break a Santa Clara pot in one of the displays so now there are two little glass cubes just for her.

If you’re looking for a great kitten or cat you can contact the local rescue groups. Just let them know what you’re looking for in a pet and they will match you up with a wonderful friend. Our staff has adopted 5 rescue cats and all have been great